The latest version of Logitech Options allows logging in to backup settings. I am unable to log in. Also, checking for updates does not work. This is because my Internet Options specify a proxy server, but Options does not appear to use the proxy settings. Is there any way to get Options to use the proxy? Thanks

Logitech G933 Bricked? : LogitechG Jul 09, 2014 Re-connecting your Keyboard Controller to Logitech Revue For Google TV Revue. Re-connecting your Keyboard Controller to Logitech Revue. 1.Ensure Keyboard Controller OFF-ON switch is set to OFF. 2.Ensure that your TV and Revue are on. 3.Press (do not hold down) the Pair/Reset button on the back of your Revue. 4.Slide the OFF-ON switch on your Keyboard Controller to ON.

Mar 06, 2020

5 Logitech Revue™ 1. Pair/Reset button Use to pair the Keyboard Controller or other Logitech Unifying devices or to reset Revue to factory default settings. 2. HDMI IN Use to connect from the HDMI output on your cable, satellite, or ATSC set-top box (STB). 3. IR Blaster ports Use either port to connect the provided IR mini blaster if you experience difficulty controlling your devices with 3 Ways to Set Up Google TV - wikiHow

Page 4 Logitech Revue™ Logitech Revue™ Keyboard Controller at a glance Mouse Functions as a left mouse click Switches to live TV Guide Presents the program guide on your Set-top box (STB) Presents a list of recordings on your STB Menu Displays STB on-screen menu/guide when used with the FN key

Page 9 Logitech® Mini Controller Setup with a Logitech Revue Companion Box 1. Turn ON the Companion Box (sold separately). 2. Close the top cover of the Mini Controller to turn it OFF. 3. Press and release the pairing button on the back of the Companion Box. This button is … Logitech Revue™ With Google TV™ Review – The Gadgeteer Feb 01, 2011 wndr3700 not transmitting 5ghz - NETGEAR Communities