Setup a VPN on Windows 10 using OpenVPN protocol with our step-by-step guide. Just follow the simple steps and setup a VPN connection in less than 2 minutes.

How to secure correctly your OpenVPN connection · GitHub 2020-7-5 · Using OpenVPN 2.3.x I can confirm that tls-version-min and tls-cipher can not be used simultaneously. Further I've had trouble using tls-version-min {1.1, 1.2} which I believe is a bug.. My confirmed working config as follows: tls-version-min 1.0 cipher AES-256-CBC Harden OpenVPN - IT Security - Spiceworks 2019-10-29

Hardening of your OpenWrt device Good news, OpenWrt has reasonable security by default. If you are inexperienced in hardening and firewall and web security, there is no need to worry, OpenWrt is “hardened” by default in a sufficient way, such that non-experienced muggles can use it right away, without being worried.

Harden OpenVPN - IT Security - Spiceworks 2019-10-29 How to Harden OpenVPN in 2020 - Independent Security

Synology Hardening steps to change the default settings to improve security on a Synology NAS. Synology DSM 6.1 hardening settings: Using the Security Advisor: Install and run the Synology Security Advisor and consider changing the advised mentioned settings. Control Panel: Control Panel, Update & Restore, DSM Update: Update Settings.

About Origin. There are quite a few various scripts that in some way install openvpn for you. This project, in particular, was started by 0-kaladin and began from the code by StarshipEngineer to help to install OpenVPN on a raspberry pi as simple as it can be.