Jan 18, 2013 How to Turn Your Windows 10 PC into a WiFi Hotspot Steps to turn your Widows 10 PC to a WiFi Hotspot. Windows 10 as made is really easy to create a WiFi hotspot (wireless access point) by using its own built-in hotspot software. So follow the steps below to turn you Windows 10 device into a WiFi hotspot: How To Create A WiFi HotSpot on Windows And Smartphone

How to Create Windows 10 WiFi Hotspot on PC/Laptops

Creating an Hotspot using a Windows PC and Virtual Hotspot Creating an Hotspot using a Windows PC and Virtual Hotspot Router. Using the Windows utility Virtual Hotspot router you can turn an ordinary Windows PC into a router compatible with My WiFi Service.. The computer on which you installed the utility must have two network adapters: the first (LAN 1) will be connected to internet via the modem/router that provides connectivity, while the second

My WiFi Router. My WiFi Router is one of the most popular free software that is available for …

Create Wifi Hotspot In Any Windows PC Without Software It really doesn’t matter whether you are using XP, 7, 8 or Windows 10, the same steps can be followed easily to simply turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Create Wifi Hotspot In Windows 7, 8 ,8.1 & 10. 1. You need to open the command prompt first and need to run it as Administrator. Apr 02, 2018 · Turn Your PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot the Easy Way. If you can’t get the built-in Windows Wi-Fi hotspot working, you should try using Connectify Hotspot instead — it’s a completely foolproof Wi-Fi hotspot with tons of options and a nice interface.