1. How to Encrypt a Folder on Mac Using Disk Utility . Disk Utility can create an encrypted file known as a disk image. It is similar to a zip file, but it utilizes the strongest Mac encryption method. For example, this option is how I would add an encrypted folder to my Mac to keep an archive of past financial records.

This part is pretty straightforward. Disk Utility will prompt you to pick a folder. Select the folder you want to encrypt, name it whatever you want, and choose 256 AES encryption. How To Password-protect Or Encrypt Files On Mac In 2020: Jun 26, 2020 Best Folder Encryptor - Free download and software reviews DoGoodSoft Best Folder Encryptor is a professional and mature file and folder encryption software. It encrypts files and folder with super fast, strong and faultless algorithms. McAfee Complete Data Protection | McAfee Products

Espionage 3 - Secure Folder Encryption for Mac OS X. AES-256 + scrypt = Maximum Security Espionage uses powerful AES-256 encryption to protect your files and the super-computer defying scrypt to protect your passwords (instead of relying on OS X's weak keychain). We have not placed any backdoors into our software and have not received any requests for doing so.

How to Password-Protect Folders on Mac Encrypto is a third-party encryption tool available in the Mac App Store. It provides greater ease of use in encryption and decryption, based on a simple drag-and-drop procedure. 1. Install Encrypto from the Mac App Store. 2. Open Encrypto from the Applications folder. 3. Drag the folder you want to encrypt onto Encrypto’s window.

Use FileVault to encrypt the startup disk on your Mac

Jun 25, 2017 How to password protect folders | Macworld From the Encryption pop-up menu choose 128-bit AES Encryption (or the sterner but slower 256-bit encryption). Name the image and click Create. As before, you’re prompted for a password.